Chemical Peels at ABOUT FACE Centers:

Chemical peels: A safe and effective way to renew your skin

Chemical peels help give your skin a boost to do what it does naturally but even better. Overtime as you age, your skin can’t renew itself like it has before. Chemical peels remove the top layer of damaged skin to promote growth of new, radiant skin, which then increases collagen production.

If you’re suffering from uneven skin tone from sun exposure, acne, dull color and texture and or wrinkles you are a candidate for chemical peels. The majority of clients I perform chemical peels on come to me with the misconception that their skin will burn off and they’ll look red for days, that’s just not true.

I start all of my chemical peels off by gently cleansing the skin to rid any dirt and makeup from the day. This is followed up by applying a Peel Prep Solution which provides a barrier before we apply the actual chemical peel. After the prep solution is dry, I then apply the chemical peel on the face starting at the forehead with a glycolic applicator. Once this first layer is applied, I will see “frosting” appear on the patient’s skin. Frosting is when parts of the skin turns a white shade due to the surface of the skin being exfoliated away by the salycilic acid. Once the first layer is applied I will then ask the patient if the sensation is tolerable and if they would like another layer of the chemical peel.

There is no downtime for this service and you can walk right out of the office with glowing skin. I recommend my clients to come back between 2-4 weeks to continue with their treatment plan and it’s best to purchase a chemical peel series. Usually 5-6 chemical peels are needed to achieve the desired results.