E-light: Facial & Body Treatment in Alexandria, VA

E-light is a non-invasive hair removal and skin rejuvenation system that uses bi-polar radio frequency and light & diode laser energies. The E-light machine uses 5 applicators that provide different laser treatments. To best suit our customers we must first evaluate and identify your skin concerns and underlying conditions to recommend the best laser service for you.

There are 5 treatments you can receive from this one machine which makes it so great. The treatments you can receive are laser hair removal, skin tightening, sublative radio frequency, skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation and many more.

Usually before a patient starts a laser treatment or a series of services we highly recommend that they use a systematic skincare routine. Your results are better when you also do home care to maintain your skin in between your laser treatments. It is imperative that we address your skin concerns prior to your treatment so we can choose the perfect laser service for you.

For example, patients with melasma (brown/gray patches on face) we would put them on a ZO Skin Health hyper-pigmentation regimen that implements hydroquinone (topical skin bleaching agent) to rid the melasma initially. After the patient is on this regimen for about 4-8 weeks we would then begin with the skin rejuvenation laser treatment that treats pigmented lesions on the face, fine lines, and wrinkles. The combination of your skincare routine and the laser treatment will rid you of any hyper-pigmented patches.

You can experience some discomfort with the laser services but they are virtually painless. We do numb our patients face and apply a topical gel for an extra barrier protection from the laser. The best thing to do is to come in for a consultation so Dr. Pickens can personalize a treatment plan for your special needs.