Face Masks

What Mask should you use?

How to Wear them!

Clear up the confusion by learning what types of masks there are. Learn how to wear them including things to avoid by watching this video.

Nonsurgical Facelift

Without Needles

 Want to shed 5 to 10 years but don’t like needles?  If you want an overall refreshed look with healthy appearing skin, fear no more.  You can have improvement of dark spots from sun damage, tightening of sagging skin and reduction of lines and wrinkles without ever getting a needle stuck in your face.  Even your acne scars are made smooth.
What is this miracle treatment? It is 3 treatments that can be done all at the same visit.  The first treatment which is intense pulse light (IPL for short) is to correct sun damage or age spots that can be precancerous when severe.  IPL also is the gold standard for rosacea or broken capillaries.  The second treatment is for tightening sagging skin due to loss of collagen that supports the deeper layers of the skin.  The third treatment is to improve texture imperfections like wrinkles or scars due to acne or trauma.

You are a candidate if you have
·           Age spots
·          Sun damage
·          Melasma
·          Rosacea
·          Visible capillaries and red spots
·          Brown spots and hyperpigmentation
·          Dark circles and sagging eyes
·          Jowls
·          Sagging cheeks
·          Aging hands.
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